Dear Colleague,


Greetings from Mangalore, India.

The conference is focused on the theme International Conference on Physics of materials & Nanotechnology (ICPN-2019) which eventually aims to bring together scientists, technologists, researchers and industrialist across the globe to exchange their views and ideas for better possible scientific collaborations in the subject of interest. ICPN-19 as a special theme deals with the applications of various tools and techniques in the field of material science and condensed matter Physics. The subject area includes frontiers in physics of materials and their applications in technologies which has societal perspective. The conference will cover experimental and theoretical aspects of subject matter. Specifically, studies of novel, advanced materials along with mechanisms involved will be highlighted together with the applications of these materials in the domain of surface protection and modification, batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, actuators, photo-electrochemical cells, sensors, microelectronics and biotechnology. Thus the conference covers the broad spectrum of said theme.

We invite you to participate in this conference. Your contributions in the field of Physics of Materials & Nanotechnology would provide a valuable contribution to the success of this conference.

Dr. Devendrappa H

Convenor, ICPN-2019

Department of Physics

Mangalore University, Mangalore, India